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crochet flower

"Crochet" means "crochet" in English.
At ayane, each flower is knitted one by one using ``lace needles,'' which are even thinner than crochet needles.

Unlike dried flowers or artificial flowers, these are interior flowers that exude warmth and softness created by careful handwork.

They will not wither like fresh flowers.
There is no need to change the water every day.
It is also safe for those who have pets.

Why not add some color to your room with ``Crochet Flowers,'' whose beauty you can enjoy forever?

How to enjoy crochet flowers

The joy of having more flowers one flower a year

Crochet flowers are flowers that never wither.
Why not have one flower at a time to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or special occasion?
In a few years, you'll have a bouquet in your own color.

Arrange it in beads instead of water

Crochet flowers do not need access to water.
It's nice to just put it in a vase, but if you don't have access to water, why not add some craft beads to make it sparkle?
It looks cute, and by inserting the stem into the beads, it can be displayed stably without wobbling, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Choose according to the language of flowers

The language of flowers is the symbolic meaning that each flower has.
It depends on the type and color of the flower.
Why not try expressing your current mood or your feelings for the person you want to gift it to in the language of flowers?

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