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"Art flowers blooming with knitting"


A cute “crochet flower” made of delicate lace thread “hand-knitted”

I love the loveliness of knitwear, so I want to knit everything.

``Why don't you take all the flowers from the flower shops around town and make them into knits?''

Knitted flowers that excite you with “cute!”

"Crochet Flower" is a delicate handicraft made with 80 count lace thread.

Crochet flowers add cute color and warmth to your everyday life.

The elegant colors of "Versailles, France"

Using colors born in northern France, each petal is hand-woven and each petal is cute and magical.

memories forever

Unlike ephemeral fresh flowers, they will continue to bloom by your side no matter how many years pass.

May the hand-knitted ``Crochet Flower'' always be a warm and loving flower to your everyday life.





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「ポップアップ」のお知らせです。 2023年12月、東京・恵比寿の「有隣堂 アトレ恵比寿店」にてポップアップを開催しました。

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【ポップアップ】one one market(有楽町・丸井)

[Pop-up] one one market (Yurakucho/Marui)

In September 2023, we exhibited at the "one one market" pop-up held at Marui in Yurakucho.

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[Online Pop-up] HPFRANCE

A pop-up will be held at "HPFRANCE Online Store" in July and November 2023.

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Ayane Katayama

Enjoyed making things by handicrafts and dressmaking since childhood.
Studied fashion design and dressmaking at a fashion school, and has mainly created works using knitwear since her student days.

After that, she launched the hand knit brand “ayane”.