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Flower language

The symbolic meaning of each flower is called the "language of flowers."
Choose words that feel good to you,
Also makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Rose - Rose -

Red: “Love”, “Passion”, “Beauty”
Yellow: "Bonds", "Trust", "Healthy", "Vigor"
Pink: “Thank you”, “Elegance”, “Impression”

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Campanula - Campanula -

White: “Thank you” “Sincere”
Pink: “unchanged”
Purple: "Ambition" "Aspirations"

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Hydrangea - Hydrangea -

cold, heartless, cheating, intelligent, mysterious, patient love

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anemone - anemone -

Blue: “A firm oath”
Purple: “I believe in you and wait.”
Orange: "Ephemeral love"

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Forget me not - Forget me not -

Blue: “True Love” “Don’t Forget Me”
Pink: "True friendship"

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Carnation - Carnation -

Pink: Gratitude / Elegance / Warm heart / Beautiful gesture Yellow: Friendship / Beautiful red: Love for mother / Mother's love / Pure love / True love

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Poppy - Poppy -

Red: “Comfort”, “Thanks”, “Joy”
Yellow: "Success" "Wealth"
Orange: "Compassion" "Consideration"

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Daisy - Daisy -

Pink: "Hope"
Blue: “Happy” “Blessed”
White: “innocent”

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Narcissus - Narcissus -

Yellow: "I want you to love me again" "Return my love"
Pink: "elegant"

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