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thank you as always. ”

May 14th is Mother's Day.

This year is a little different,
"Art flowers delicately woven with lace thread"
Would you like to give it as a gift?

knitted with lace thread
"Mother's Day Carnation"

[Mother's Day 20 wheels only]
price: ¥8,800 (tax included)

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A great gift for Mother's Day.
Finely woven , high-quality flowers

ayane's crochet flower is
``Warm, delicate art flowers'' carefully hand-woven with thin thread.

Made with ultra-fine 40 count Egyptian cotton lace thread with a beautiful luster.

Hand-knitted knits that tend to be warm are made into elegant and beautiful art flowers that are perfect as ``gifts for mothers.''

Fluffy carnations,
I wanted to express the combed shape, so I knitted it with plenty of gathers.

Isn't the round silhouette and modest leaves adorable?

woven beads,
Glittering and gorgeous carnations

As a "Mother's Day Special," we have woven "glass beads" to give it a gorgeous and special feel.

These carnations have a warm, hand-woven feel and a fresh feel that looks like they've been covered with water droplets.

Flowers that grow fonder over time

In "Crochet Flower"
They have a different charm than fresh flowers or preserved flowers.

You can enjoy it forever without fading.

No maintenance required
Humidity and temperature can be easily controlled.

It is also safe for people with pets or allergies.

You can keep the memories of receiving it as a gift forever.

Two new colors “ red and light pink”

Carnations have different meanings depending on their color.

This time,
`` Red '' and `` light pink '' have flower language that are perfect for Mother's Day gifts.
I made a new one.


"Love for Mother" "Love of Mother" "True Love"

According to the language of flowers,
Bright red flower petals that convey deep love are a staple of Mother's Day.

light pink

"A heart of gratitude"

For those who want to say "thank you" to their mother.
There are other flower languages ​​such as ``elegance'' and ``beautiful gesture.''

Any woman would feel happy.

Recommended gift giving methods

Crochet flower + sweets

Along with sweets
A gift of flowers that never wither.
I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise.

Red + light pink two-wheel set

Red represents “love for my mother” Light pink represents “gratitude”

If you get lost,
Let's turn two wheels into a small bouquet.

If you send it along with the language of flowers, your feelings for your mother will surely be conveyed.

One flower gift every year

Why not give a crochet flower each Mother's Day?

Crochet flowers that do not deteriorate
It will remain beautiful even after 3 years or 5 years.

Mix and match different flowers to create a special bouquet just for you and your mom.

Mother's Day limited edition gift wrapping

color of ribbon
"Red" "Pink"
You are able to choose from these options.

*This wrapping is
[Single flower only/stem length less than 20cm]
Only orders of .

[Two or more flowers/stem length 25cm or more]
Orders will be in the paper bag shown in the photo.

Limited to 20 wheels/Delivery date

Number of sales: [20 wheels]
(Order acceptance period: [April 1st - May 7th])

Delivery date: [Until May 13th]

*If you are in a hurry, please contact before purchasing.

Please convey your undying love and gratitude to your mother with ayane's crochet flowers.

knitted with lace thread
"Mother's Day Carnation"

[Mother's Day 20 wheels only]
price: ¥8,800 (tax included)

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